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Strategizing to Achieve BIG!

“I have always dreamt of becoming an engineer. Engineering is a course most people think ladies cannot manage. I would like to prove them wrong.” We spoke earlier to the Global give back circle mentee Agnes about what she had

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How An Alumna Economically Empowers Locals In Baringo County

We love to see our alumni thriving in life and giving back. Sylvia Mwangi, a beneficiary who graduated high school from Starehe Girls’ Centre in 2011, is doing just that. Sylvia was a student leader during her high school years, then continued on to

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United at Last: A Mentee Meets Her Mentor After 8 Years of Writing Letters

On June 23, 2018, Global Give Back Circle mentor, Naomi Lanoi, met her mentee Faustina Christine Wangari for the very first time ever. After eight years of exchanging letters, they were thrilled to finally meet in person. When Christine’s lovely

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On May 19th, the Global Give Back Circle hosted its 2018 Annual Renewal Ceremony in Nairobi, Kenya. This year’s theme was ‘Giving Back,’ and the event brought together beneficiaries and benefactors of the program, including: alumna, beneficiaries in college, mentors,

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First Lady Michelle Obama at World Bank Summit

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama brought her passion for girls’ education and a powerful message to the World Bank Summit. She ended her speech with a story about a girl named Faith from Kenya – a girl in the Global Give

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Mentor Stories: 10 Years of Mentoring ‘HER’

CEO of Shiraz Partners, Conny Dorrestijn; Talent Leader at Microsoft US, Holly Perreault; CEO of The MasterCard Foundation, Reeta Roy; and CEO of the Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Laura Ahto share their mentor story.

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Advancing a Future That is For Everyone

Mentoring a girl brings the world another amazing woman! Microsoft shared this 1 min. video with the world. It is a tribute to the 250+ women at Microsoft who mentor girls in the Global Give Back Back Circle, and

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USAID: From Disadvantaged Girls to Global Ambassadors

Unlike most girls born into poverty, three young Kenyan women – all recipients of scholarships and mentorship opportunities from the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) –are leading the global discussion on girls’ empowerment. Read Mor

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How Father Defied Culture To Support Daughter’s Education in West Pokot

Violence Against Women is taking root in most parts of the country and the perpetrators are viewing it as a normal practice in a family or community. The victims always end up suffering in the hands of their husbands, boyfriends

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Global Give Back Circle

Global Give Back Circle Beneficiary, Faith Chepkiror, shares her story and the brave story of other Kenyan girls.

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