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USAID supports 69 vulnerable youth to grow Kenya’s economy

USAID HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis Team Lead Elizabeth Meassick who presided over the graduation said the program has enabled more than 400 young Kenyans to complete university education and join Kenya’s labor market as professionals. “The U.S. government’s investment in girls’

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Global Give Back Circle Graduation & Renewal Ceremony 2019

The Global Give Back Circle integrates mentoring, private sector engagement and local community support in a circle of empowerment that guides vulnerable and marginalized girls to complete their educational journeys, gain employable skills, and become powerful leaders.Read Mor

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First Lady Michelle Obama at the World Bank Summit

U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama brought her passion for girls’ education and a powerful message to the World Bank Summit. She ended her speech with a story about a girl named Faith from Kenya – a girl in the Global

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Mentor Stories: 10 Years of Mentoring ‘HER’

CEO of Shiraz Partners, Conny Dorrestijn; Talent Leader at Microsoft US, Holly Perreault; CEO of The MasterCard Foundation, Reeta Roy; and CEO of the Bank of New York Mellon SA/NV, Laura Ahto share their mentor story. Read mor

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HER Commitment to Change!

8 Empowered Beneficiaries Uplift Their Community Through Their Give Back Commitment Shirleen Kasmeri and seven colleagues have grown up in the midst of cholera epidemics, hunger, and harmful cultural practices; such as FGM and early marriage. Rather than becoming discouraged,

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A Celebration of Elevated Potential

A quarter of the world’s population is made up of rural women! Forced early marriages, female genital mutilation, scarcity of essential resources and gender-based violence are a fraction of the challenge rural women face every day. Thursday, July 25th was

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Disruptive Innovation fueled by Empathy

Have things always been this good for you? Not at all, before attending university my family was shunned and discriminated against because my father believed girls should be educated too. When he decided I would attend high school, no one

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Strategizing to Achieve BIG!

“I have always dreamt of becoming an engineer. Engineering is a course most people think ladies cannot manage. I would like to prove them wrong.” We spoke earlier to the Global give back circle mentee Agnes about what she had

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How An Alumna Economically Empowers Locals In Baringo County

We love to see our alumni thriving in life and giving back. Sylvia Mwangi, a beneficiary who graduated high school from Starehe Girls’ Centre in 2011, is doing just that. Sylvia was a student leader during her high school years, then continued on to

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United at Last: A Mentee Meets Her Mentor After 8 Years of Writing Letters

On June 23, 2018, Global Give Back Circle mentor, Naomi Lanoi, met her mentee Faustina Christine Wangari for the very first time ever. After eight years of exchanging letters, they were thrilled to finally meet in person. When Christine’s lovely

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