Celebrating Women Who Mentor HER

Giving Thanks is a Privilege we all Share
Celebrating Our Mentor Circle

Dear Partner

We are grateful for you!

Today we celebrate the intention behind the Thanksgiving holiday: To come together and express gratitude for one another, and the world around us.  The mentees of the Global Give Back Circle want to take this time to express gratitude to you!
She is thankful for the time you lend a listening ear
She is thankful for the advice you share
She is thankful when she knows you care
She is thankful for your support and loving heart
She knows you are there, even if miles apart!!!
From all the beneficiaries of the Global Give Back Circle, past, present and future, we Thank You!  You give the girls hope, courage and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
The Global Give Back Circle Team

Ingabire’s Story

In 2016, I started my mentorship journey. It was a few months after the others. I was jealous that every Global Give Back Circle – Girls Guiding Government member at my school had a mentor expect me and some few

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Pauline’s Story

Five years ago I was selected to join the Global Give Back Circle. To say that the Circle has changed my life is an understatement. It has given me the power to climb mountains and achieve things I never knew

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Gislaine’s Story

In 2016, when I joined the Global Give Back Circle – Girls Guiding Government Program, I was ready to learn much from it, and expected to gain more leadership, political and critical thinking skills. I knew that if I joined

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Rosemary’s Mentoring Story

My mentoring journey with Global Give Back Circle, started in March 2014, when I came across the Global Give Back Circle online and quickly put in my application for consideration. A month later in April 2014, I was matched wit

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Asha’s Story

Asha remembers vividly her maiden trip from Modogashe in North Eastern Kenya to Nairobi eight years ago. It was her first time seeing a tarmac road, streetlights, and skyscrapers in the city. “I had never ventured out of the remot

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Agnes’ Story

“I now have more reason to be the change that the world needs,” said Agnes Kavila. Agnes has been able to transform herself from a mere beneficiary to a benefactor of the Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) program through continuous

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