Celebrating Women Who Mentor HER

Giving Thanks is a Privilege we all Share
Celebrating Our Mentor Circle

Dear Partner

We are grateful for you!

Today we celebrate the intention behind the Thanksgiving holiday: To come together and express gratitude for one another, and the world around us.  The mentees of the Global Give Back Circle want to take this time to express gratitude to you!
She is thankful for the time you lend a listening ear
She is thankful for the advice you share
She is thankful when she knows you care
She is thankful for your support and loving heart
She knows you are there, even if miles apart!!!
From all the beneficiaries of the Global Give Back Circle, past, present and future, we Thank You!  You give the girls hope, courage and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
The Global Give Back Circle Team

Mildred’s Story

“No child chooses to belong to a single mother,” says Mildred Khalayi, a beneficiary of the Global Give Back Circle. With tears almost rolling down her cheeks, Mildred could not hide her emotions as she recounts her ordeal in t

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Lucy’s Story

Lucy is the first born in a family of two children. “My younger brother and I were orphaned at the age of nine. I was left in the custody of my maternal grandmother, who is now in her late 60s.

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Lul’s Story

Lul was brought up by her grandmother after she lost both her parents as a toddler. Luckily, her grandmother took her to primary school in a tiny town in North Eastern Kenya. As an orphan, life was not easy for

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Ann’s Story

I was born in Ruiru and my parents came from Thika. After my parents passed away I was taken to Tereza Nuzzo Children`s Home in 2000, where I had the chance to attend a top primary school. The challenge was

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Lydia’s Story

Her face brightens with hope and joy as she narrates how far Global Give Back Circle (GGBC) has transformed her into an upcoming entrepreneur. Lydia says the ‘Circle’ came to her rescue at the right time when she really needed

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Margaret’s Story

I learned early on that life is not fair, and that change is a constant. Two years after I was born, my mother passed away. As an infant, born out of wedlock, I was thrown into a world that was

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