Celebrating Women Who Mentor HER

Giving Thanks is a Privilege we all Share
Celebrating Our Mentor Circle

Dear Partner

We are grateful for you!

Today we celebrate the intention behind the Thanksgiving holiday: To come together and express gratitude for one another, and the world around us.  The mentees of the Global Give Back Circle want to take this time to express gratitude to you!
She is thankful for the time you lend a listening ear
She is thankful for the advice you share
She is thankful when she knows you care
She is thankful for your support and loving heart
She knows you are there, even if miles apart!!!
From all the beneficiaries of the Global Give Back Circle, past, present and future, we Thank You!  You give the girls hope, courage and the confidence to pursue their dreams.
The Global Give Back Circle Team

Truphena’s Story

Life is a story that one lives to tell other people. This is my story; my name is Truphena Wambui Mwaura. I was born in Kibagare slum and I lived with my widowed mother. I am the last born in

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Magdalene’s Story

I am the first born in a family of six siblings, and we come from Kangundo in Machakos County. My loving and hardworking parents believed we could succeed in life. We always struggled financially; my father was the breadwinner and

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Faith’s Story

My name is Faith Mushilundu Lutomia. I was born in Tombo village, Kakamega County in Western Kenya. I am the second to last-born in a family of six. My late dad was a retired primary school teacher, who turned to

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Damaris’ Story

I was born in Uthiru to a single parent family and as the only child. I lost my mother at the age of 12 and relocated to Dandora with my aunt as the guardian. I felt that life was taking

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Lori’s Mentoring Story

In January 2013, I got the amazing chance of being able to mentor two extraordinary young women, as part of the Global Give Back Circle. I really wish someone had mentored me when I was just starting out after college.

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Susan’s Mentoring Story

When I first joined the Global Give Back Circle as a mentor in 2010, I received an email saying that I would mentor a girl who was turning 15 on July 14. Coincidentally, that happened to be the day I

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