From At-Risk Girl to a Woman with Purpose!

From At-Risk Girl to a Woman with Purpose!
A special monthly publication dedicated to
update Mentors about the developments in the Global Give Back Circle


Dear Partner,
As the world celebrates International Women’s Day, We CELEBRATE You! Thank you for being a role model to the next generation of mentors. Your impact on some of the most at-risk girls in the world has been profound. We appreciate you for nurturing your mentee’s dreams and encouraging her to take action and effect change through giving back.

Hellen is an alumnus of the Global Give Back Circle. Her story highlights the strides we are collectively making in promoting gender equity, by shaping the next generation of change-makers. Hellen exemplifies the impact mentoring has in helping girls realize their true potential and purpose in life. Today, she is a mentor. She is also the founder of a Social Tech Company, ‘Hyractech’, and the CEO of ‘Latitude Zero’ which works with under-served youth in Kenya, providing them with technical skills which enable them to find employment and / or become successful entrepreneurs.

Hellen was matched with her mentor Jennifer Karingi, while still a student at Starehe Girls’ Center. Jennifer was working for Citibank, in Nairobi at the time. Here is how Hellen recalls their first encounter.
“When I learned that my mentor was visiting me at my school, I was apprehensive. Despite knowing that a mentor was what I needed most at that point in my life, I was nervous about her first impression of me, and about what we would talk about. From that first meeting, she embraced me fully and helped me envision the economically independent woman I am today. She continues to cheer me on to get to greater heights. Her confidence and charisma gave me the encouragement to work harder at being the best version of myself. We meet often and every time we sit over a cup of coffee or have a phone call; I am left feeling more grounded and focused to achieve greater things. Jennifer has taught me to face the world with confidence, devoid of any apprehension.”
“It has been nine years since I first met Jennifer, I am now a proud mentor to my Zahara, a student at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy. Zahara is the embodiment of enthusiasm and positive thinking. When I first met her, we spent hours getting to know each other. As she shared her goals and dreams, but still unsure of how capable she was to reach them, I could not help but see the girl I once was. In the last two years of our mentoring journey, I have seen Zahara grow into a proactive, and visionary leader. She has continuously reinforced in me the belief that our background should neither define us nor stop us from dreaming.”
“Upon reflection, I realize that I have come a long way since that time when I was a shy schoolgirl with big dreams. Today, I am an empowered young woman with a Social Tech Business that I am proud of, and a Give Back component designed to train people in employable technical skills. My mentor has played a huge part in helping me become the professional, confident and focused woman I am today. I now understand what I am capable of and I feel fortunate to be in a position to pay-it-forward by instilling the same understanding in Zahara, so that she too experiences the joys of coming full circle by paying-it-forward as a mentor!”
Hellen Kimaru
Co-Founder & Program Manager: ‘Hyractech’
CEO: ‘Latitude Zero”
Mentor: ‘Global Give Back Circle’

Tell others about our Cause

In honor of International Women’s Day, you can support the economic empowerment of more girls in the Global Give Back Circle. We just made a commitment to help 300 MORE girls in Kenya and Rwanda and they all need mentors. Do you have a friend who might be interested in mentoring? If so, please take advantage of this great day and tell them why you care so much about the economic empowerment of girls and invite them to join the Mentor Circle too.
Thank you again for all you are doing to make gender equity a reality in our lifetime.
The Global Give Back Circle Team
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