The Mentor Monologues – April 2018

The Mentor Monologues – April 2018
A special monthly publication dedicated to guiding Mentors throughout their mentoring journey with a girl from Kenya.
Coaching Your Mentee On Landing a Job After College
Dear Partner,
From one newsletter to another, we are excited to share with you the feature story in Penn State’s
April newsletter. It is a story about our founder and the journey which led her to the creation of the Global Give Back Circle. It is a reflective story, and one which provides insights into the genesis of our program’s design and strategy. Read the story,
A Life-Changing Experience for Mentors and Their Families
Did you know the Global Give Back Circle has organized an exciting and life-changing volunteer trip to Kenya this year? This was created based on so many requests from mentors. It is designed to engage the whole family, as many of our mentors want their children to engage in a really meaningful volunteer project. The trip will take place in October. For more information, check out our trip flyer.
Coaching Your Mentee On Landing a Job
On another note, your mentee may need guidance on landing a job after she graduates. To kick off the conversation, we have outlined some tips that you can share with her:
1) Commit To A Marketable Job:
When the girls graduate, the job market can be tough. Let your mentee know that everybody has to start somewhere, and that her first job may not necessarily control her career path. Advise her to apply for jobs in marketable fields, such as: STEM, IT, Agriculture, Health, Business etc. Encourage her to apply for jobs outside her city or county too.

2) Showcase Other Skills:
Outside of education, employers will be looking for individuals who can demonstrate a wide array of skills, such as: self-awareness, critical-thinking and resilience. Ask your mentee to think about the skills she has gained in the workshops, plus through her give back commitment, and how she can speak about them in an interview and/or on her resume. So many of the Alumni have said the reason they landed a job, or even an interview, was because their give back commitment and life skills helped them stand out from other candidates.
3) Any Work Experience is Good:
Work experience shows passion and interest, and gives her a leg up in the job interview process. This includes internships, part-time jobs, volunteering activities and/or paid work experience. Encourage your mentee to take up a job while she can and to speak about any work experience she has gained. By doing so, she shows an employer that she is motivated and capable.
4) Networking & Social Media:
Does your mentee have a LinkedIn profile? If not, suggest that she create one. She can use social media to follow companies she is interested in working for, to keep an eye out for jobs that they might post, and/or to network. Most importantly, remind your mentee to clean up her online presence and to make sure she is presenting herself appropriately and professionally.
Do you have questions about marketable careers in Kenya or questions related to employment? If so, feel free to write Zainab at:
Best regards,
Alice, Emma, Naom, & Zainab
International and Kenyan Newsletter Team
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