The Mentor Monologues – April 2018

The Mentor Monologues – April 2018
A special monthly publication dedicated to
update Mentors about the developments in the Global Give Back Circle, as well as, guide them throughout their mentoring journey with a girl from India.
Coaching Her On Turning Her Hobby Into A Profitable Business Venture
Dear Partner,
From one newsletter to another, we are excited to share with you the feature story in Penn State’s April newsletter. It is a story about our founder and the journey which led her to the creation of the Global Give Back Circle. It is a reflective story, and one which provides insights into the genesis of our program’s design and strategy. Read the story, here.
Turning Her Hobby into a Profitable Business
Sangeeta, a beneficiary of the program, is very good in Art and Craft and she enjoys it a lot. This is one of her favourite pastimes, which she does regularly during her free time. Recently, Sangeeta found ways she can use her hobby to earn extra pocket money while she is at college. This month, we are sharing tips on how your mentee can turn her hobby into a business:
1) Brainstorm: Before your mentee decides to pursue her hobby, she should have a brainstorming session. What is she interested in? Does she have any hobbies that she can leverage? What are her strengths and weaknesses? Are there needs/services that have not been met at her school or in her community? Discuss these questions with her and brainstorm together.
2) Adopt a Business Mindset: Once your mentee decides what kind of business or service she wants to offer, you can coach her on adopting a business mindset. Advise her to first research her business idea. She should ask herself questions such as: Who is my target market or clientele? What does success look like? What will be required to launch this business, in terms of time, money, knowledge, resources etc.?
3) Branding and Marketing: Once your mentee has her business plan in place, coach her on developing her business and brand. Ask her to describe what her mission is, what values she will bring to her clients, and how she will attract customers. You can also coach her on how to market her products or services. Encourage her to read up on similar businesses, and learn how they market and promote themselves. She can start promoting her work with her peers, family, friends, and neighbours, and even launch online if it fits her model.
4) Diversify to Earn More: Sangeeta learned she could make more money if she diversified her business. Thus, she decided she would not only create and sell art and crafts, but she would also teach her skills to others as well.
We think this is a brilliant idea and an example that you can share with your mentee. She does not have to limit herself if she thinks outside the box. Encourage her to get creative, and have fun with it!
Zainab Mejja and Asmahan Pogal
International and India Mentoring Team
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