The Mentor Monologues – April 2018

The Mentor Monologues – April 2018
A special monthly publication dedicated to guiding Mentors throughout their mentoring journey with a girl from Kenya.


Workshop Recap: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence & More
Dear Partner,
From one newsletter to another, we are excited to share with you the feature story in Penn State’s
April newsletter. It is a story about our founder and the journey which led her to the creation of the Global Give Back Circle. It is a reflective story, and one which provides insights into the genesis of our program’s design and strategy. Read the story,
A Life-Changing Experience for Mentors and Their Families
Did you know the Global Give Back Circle has organized an exciting and life-changing volunteer trip to Kenya this year? This was created based on so many requests from mentors. It is designed to engage the whole family, as many of our mentors want their children to engage in a really meaningful volunteer project. The trip will take place in October. For more information, check out
our trip flyer.
Workshop Recap: Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence
On another note, your mentee was recently taken through a
workshop on ‘Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.’
This workshop was designed to help her become more self-aware and equip her with the skills needed to develop her emotional intelligence (EI) as a leader.
Your mentee was delighted to have Ms.Victoria Muthoni, marketing consultant, take her through this workshop. She participated in a series of activities, like taking a look at her reflection in a mirror and writing down what she thought of herself, taking a personality and EI test, and group discussions. Victoria helped her understand that EI helps boost our self-awareness, self-control, motivation, empathy and social skills, all of which help her become better a leader.
In your next conversation, ask your mentee to share her test results with you. Encourage her to work on enhancing her strengths and talk to her about how she can work towards improving her weaknesses too.
Workshop Recap: Being a Role Model of Integrity and Ethics
If your mentee is in Form 3 or Form 4, she was taken through a workshop on ‘Being a Role Model of Integrity and Ethics’ too. This workshop was designed to help her understand what it means to have integrity and ethics in everyday life, and to challenge her to become an ambassador of integrity in her community.
We were honored to have another mentor, Ms. Selam Emiru; IT consultant, take her through the workshop. Selam brought the lesson home using videos, group discussions, and student presentations. She helped your mentee understand that it is important for her to practice integrity and ethics even at her young age, and explained that what your mentee does today, could have a great impact on her future.
Encourage your mentee to put integrity into practice, for example, by keeping her word, treating everyone with respect, showing up on time and standing her ground to do what’s right regardless of pressure and threats. You can also share with her a time when you were put into a situation that challenged your integrity.
Best regards,
Alice, Emma, Naom, & Zainab
International and Kenyan Newsletter Team
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