The Mentor Monologues – March 2018

The Mentor Monologues – March 2018
A special monthly publication dedicated to guiding Mentors throughout their mentoring journey with a high school girl from West Pokot, Kenya.
The Global Give Back Circle ‘Butterfly Effect’
Dear Mentor,

They say when a butterfly flaps its wings in Nairobi, it causes a storm in Johannesburg and a tornado around the world. Every year at the Annual Renewal Ceremony, beneficiaries of the program go through the butterfly pinning ceremony and they receive their ‘wings.’ The pinning ceremony is for girls who have graduated from high school and it signifies that your mentee is capable of creating that tornado and a remarkable rippling effect around the world when she flaps her wings.


This past month, we witnessed Jane Chechumba ‘Just Jane,’ a brave beneficiary who underwent female genital mutilation (FGM) and escaped forced early marriage, do just that. She is educated, she is empowered, and she is soaring, as she shared her story with men and women across the U.S. over the last few weeks. Take a look at what the butterfly effect looks like when it takes form and she gets her wings!



Jane exemplified the heroic spirit of girls & young women everywhere when she addressed men and women in NYC and Chicago, at Microsoft and KPMG offices. She met several of her real life superheroes, including Laura Clayton McDonnell, VP of Microsoft NY, who made her feel like she has the courage to conquer the world, while she inspired so many others.



In Seattle, she met Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazines, who is an incredible woman and role model to so many. Jane is now super excited to read Joanna’s book, ‘Love Rules’ and to begin writing her very own book!


Jane Rides Scooters with Microsoft US President and CVP - Kate Johnson
Jane Rides Scooters with Microsoft US President and CVP – Kate Johnson


In Seattle, she also met Kelly Rogan, VP of Microsoft US Enterprise Services. She spent time with Microsoft U.S. President and CVP, Kate Johnson too. It was a dream of Jane’s to meet Kate after reading
her article about superpowers. Kate gave Jane her superhero cape to wear for the day and escorted her around Microsoft’s offices on scooters!



Jane also spent time in Baltimore where she met with local mentors and Cheryl Johnson, Shonyel Lyons, and Cheri Belski, co-chairs of WAVE at T. Rowe Price. She gave a very moving and motivational talk to students at Bryn Mawr and Friends High School.



Jane’s mentor, Maxine, and Jim Lee of Microsoft, hosted an event at Microsoft’s Chevy Chase office, and Kati Norri, Sales Excellence Manager, not only signed up to be a mentor immediately upon hearing Jane’s story, but also took her on a tour of Washington DC afterwards. We have many girls just like Jane in the program, who have overcome insurmountable odds and need a mentor. If you, or a colleague or friend, are interested in mentoring a girl like Jane, please contact Naom at:
Best regards,
Hellen Kimaru – Global Give Back Circle Alumna
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