Your ‘Mentor Circle’ is over 1,200 Women Strong!

Your ‘Mentor Circle’ is over
1,200 Women Strong!
Celebrating Our Mentor Circle

Dear Partner 

October was a special month for your ‘Mentor Circle’ as mentors from the USA traveled to Kenya to meet their mentees, meet your mentee and implemented on-the-ground volunteer activities, and PwC Kenya hosted a mentor event at their Nairobi head offices where Kenyan mentors shared stories and recruited new mentors for the program.
In that you are getting weekly ‘Mentor Tips’ designed to keep you in-step with the journey of your mentee, we have positioned the newsletters as a pictorial update about all that is happening in the world of your mentee and our partner organizations who are passionate about supporting gender equity through the education and economic empowerment of women and girls.
Left to Right: Efrat Shabtai (Microsoft), Erika Pozo (Guidehouse), Erica Marley (Microsoft) and Monica Martin (Microsoft) traveled to West Pokot, Kenya to work with the mentees in ‘HER Lab’ and the local women.  They left with a deep appreciation about the things in life which connect us all.

This photo was taken at ‘HER Lab’ in West Pokot. ‘HER Lab’ is a 6-month program which GGBC set up to give girls from marginalized rural communities the edge they need to access opportunities (higher education & employment), which are typically not presented to this population. At ‘Her Lab’ she is trained in Digital Literacy, Coding, Entrepreneurship, Agriculture and a host of other skills which will enable her to start a business and/or find employment. The impact mentors are having on the lives of these once-at-risk girls is ever so apparent in the way they now think about their future.
Left to Right: Catherine Kiganjo (KCDF), Bernice Kimacia (PwC), Linda Lockhart (GGBC) and Doreen Mbogo (Deloitte) celebrate PwC’s 10 years of commitment to the ‘Mentor Circle’ through their socializing of the program internally and among other private sector organizations in Kenya – even among their competitors!
Mentors visited the Kibera Slum and worked with the mentees at the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy – a special secondary school where girls also play soccer in a serious way!
In May, Melissa Best, mentor and sponsor from SAP, visited the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy and realized that these bright and resilient girls would thrive if connected to the world through technology.  Through SAP’s commitment to the program, the girls at the academy now have a fully functioning IT Lab and they are learning digital skills, including coding!  If you can’t read their screen, it tells the world that they love SAP!
Mentors leveraged their college cheerleader skills to help direct the filming of a video for Penn State’s 2020 Commencement. They taught a group of mentees and local women how to perform the ‘We Are’ Penn State chant. The message of the video is that we are all privileged when it comes to giving back.
It was a sobering moment when the mentors met a group of very brave girls, (ages 8 – 13) who risked everything, by running away from home to escape harmful cultural practices like female genital mutilation and forced early marriage.
Mentors participated in the GGBC Graduation Ceremony at Starehe Girls Center whereby 68 girls in Form 4 (Senior Year) were awarded graduation certificates.  Starehe Girls Center have requested if GGBC can include all of their students in our program, so we will work towards achieving this goal in 2020.
Microsoft Mentor, Erica Marley met the family of her mentee, Catherine.  They are grateful for Erica’s mentoring and overjoyed that their Catherine will be the first member of her community to graduate university, thanks to Erica’s sponsorship, enabled through Microsoft’s employee volunteerism program. 
Next Mentor Trip to Kenya in early March 2020!
Consider joining one of the Mentor Trips in 2020.  Trips are being planned in March, May, and October. Contact Daine: for more information. 
Thank you again for the role you are playing in advancing gender equality by mentoring a girl in the Global Give Back Circle. 
The Global Give Back Circle Team

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