Deeksha’s Story

Deeksha was born and raised in Delhi and comes from a family of six. She completed high school at the Government Girls Senior Secondary School in Shastri Nagar, where she was a member of the basketball team as well as Debate Club. “I enjoyed my school days a lot, and I started tutoring in my free time to earn pocket money,” she recalls.

Deeksha understands too well what sacrifice and hard work means. Her family lost ownership of their small shop, which was the only source of income they had after Deeksha’s grandfather passed away. She juggled between studying and part-time jobs.

Early exposure to work made Deeksha very active in high school, and as a result, she earned an opportunity to continue on to university through a partnership between the Global Give Back Circle and the Magic Bus India Foundation. “Being a beneficiary has given me exposure and has helped me to grow in a better environment. Life skills training and the workshops have really been helpful throughout my tertiary. I also learnt a lot from interacting with other girls in the program,” she says.

As a beneficiary of the program, “I also learnt that money is not the only way to give back and that one can give back through time and talent. I found communication skills, self-awareness, technical skills and time management skills, very helpful. Linda Lockhart and Alumni from Global Give Back Circle Kenya were really supportive. They facilitated workshops, practiced new skills with us, and motivated us a lot. In 2016, I got a chance to deliver a speech at the U.S. Embassy in Delhi during the launch of the Global Give Back Circle – India program. It was an amazing experience and I’ve learnt a lot since,” she recalls.

As a beneficiary of the ‘Circle,’ Deeksha was matched with a mentor. “My mentor, Pooja, has been very instrumental in guiding me in university. She is very
helpful and is like a loving older sister to me. We communicate a lot, and she responds as fast as she can to my messages and emails despite her busy schedule. I appreciate that she makes time for me. She is a good listener and guides me through many of my life decisions and challenges. I have made wonderful relationships through this program that I believe will last forever. By having a mentor in my life, I was able to discuss matters to do with my studies which I  could not do with my family, since they lacked the experience and knowledge. My family and I are thankful that she came into my life,” says Deeksha.

Deeksha plans are to pursue a PhD outside India, for which she is currently working towards. She says, “Global Give Back Circle gives wings to girls which help them fly. I am one of the lucky girls who received those wings as a blessing. I am happy to be part of this program and I will always be a part of it.”

– Deeksha