Ingabire’s Story

In 2016, I started my mentorship journey. It was a few months after the others. I was jealous that every Global Give Back Circle – Girls Guiding Government member at my school had a mentor expect me and some few others. When I was given a mentor, I felt like I still didn’t want her because I thought that it would be taking up my time since I thought I had too many things to do as a final year student. From that time, my beliefs changed completely. My mentor, Miss Lauren, is now a mother, a sister, an advisor and a best friend to me.

There was a moment when I was going through a very difficult time and she just kept writing kind letters to me, telling me that God knows all my struggles and He is always beside me regardless of the situation. “May He give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. – Psalm 20:4. I hope this message will encourage you too!” said my dearest mentor. She is always encouraging me by her actions. She likes volunteering and helping other people. I have learned from her that poor people’s lives matters a lot to us. She is just my inspiration.

Despite that, she also helped me academically. She is always following up with my college application processes. She helped me to edit my college essays and I am pretty sure that I will make her proud when I get into my dream university. My dearest mentor never hesitates to send greetings to my family. My Mom knows her from my daily words and she wishes to meet this inspiring lady one day. Miss Lauren served as my college advisor. She has helped me to decide which university to apply to and find my fit career. She is always showing me that she is proud of my activities. Whenever I tell her about what I am doing, she encourages me and shows me I can and be a better person.

Miss Lauren always followed up with me after the monthly Global Give Back Circle workshops too. She is always asking me what I have learned. This helps me because I am aware that I have to pay attention during every workshop so that I will have something to tell her.

My best moment with her is when she sent me a comforting letter when I had lost my Aunt. Lauren showed me love and still shows it in whatever situation I am in. She is a woman of influence in my life and she never gives up on me. She always sends me letters on time and I am really thankful. My friends, too, wish to have an excellent mentor like mine. They told me that I am lucky to have a mentor who follows up on all aspects of my life: from academics to personal life. Now, I have a true friend that I can share my happiness, and my worries with. She is my role model. May the almighty God bless her in all her doings.

– Ingabire