Monika’s Story

Monika was born in Varanasi, India. When she was young, her family moved to Noida in search of a better life and access to an education. It was there, that she became involved with the Magic Bus Foundation and was able to finish high school at CBSE Boarding School.

Today, she is a beneficiary of the Global Give Back Circle – India program and is a third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Science Engineering at ABES Institute of Technology.

The last few years of her life have been tough for Monika. Her family could not support her dream of becoming an Engineer. She says, “The turning point in my life was when I joined the Global Give Back Circle and became a beneficiary.”

Like many beneficiaries, Monika was introduced to her mentor, Kelli, from Microsoft U.S. Kelli helped her get settled. As a Microsoft employee, Kelli’s main work was to guide and provide internships to students from other countries. As fate would have it, Monika and Kelli’s match was one of a kind! “She gave me career guidance and shared with me ideas and knowledge surrounding all sorts of things, including knowledge regarding various countries, as she travelled a lot to foreign countries. I will always be grateful for her,” said Monika.

Monika was recently matched with a second mentor, Akhila Maari, from India. Akhila is the RJ and Programming Head at Radio Mirchi. “She is an influential woman, who gives me a lot of career guidance and asks about me and my family. We share a lot with each other and she loves to know more about me. Whenever I am faced with a problem, she helps me solve it and that makes me feel very happy.” She says, ”Having someone who shares your culture, beliefs, and who has walked on the same path as you and is able to make it in life, is a blessing on its own.”

“I have experienced so many changes because of the life skills I received. Today, I can confidently talk to anyone whether local or a foreigner. I can perform any communication task. My teachers and parents are very proud of me and my achievements. As a beneficiary, giving back has become a part of me too. I use my skills and love of Arts to work with kids at my neighborhood and at a local NGO,” Monika says. Thank you to the Global Give Back Circle – India and Magic Bus Foundation.

– Monika