Naomi’s Story

I was born in a family of six siblings in Kirinyaga County, my parents, peasants farmers always worked extremely hard to make sure we got our basic needs and education.

My mother used to work on others’ farms to ensure we got a meal every day. I worked extremely hard in school with a lot of hope that this was the key to setting us free from poverty.

My family was among the ones which were considered poor in the village, when I scored 370/500 marks on the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exams and was supposed to join Mahiga Girls Secondary School.

I knew my parents could not afford the fees to take me to high school, even taking me to a day school would have been impossible. After the results were released, every one of my classmates joined high school, except me. I was left at home with no hope of continuing on to high school. By God’s grace after being home for a whole month, one of my primary school teachers offered to pay for my first term school fees. I joined form one a month later.

Turns out, high school would be the most challenging experience of my life. I was in and out of school due to lack of fees. Sometimes a term would go by, and I wouldn’t have attended one class. I almost dropped out of school in form three, but I never gave up. After four years of pain and tears, I managed to graduate high school and scored an A on my final exams. I had dreams of joining University but at this point my dreams became blurred.

My breakthrough in my pursuit for education came in 2012 after I got a scholarship for my university education through the Global Give Back Circle.

This was a great turnaround for my life; I was taken through an ICT course and later went through my tertiary education.

At university, I never struggled to pay my fees, books, accommodation, and upkeep and this gave me adequate time to concentrate on my studies. The ‘Circle’ wiped all my tears and gave life a new meaning.

As a beneficiary, I was taken through reproductive health workshops, life skills workshops and financial literacy workshops, which helped me manage my allowances and manage to take my brothers through high school. I was also taught how to write my story and I later discovered my great talent in writing. The ‘Circle’ empowered me to reach out to society and become a voice for the needy and the suffering.

In the ‘Circle’, I was matched with the most awesome mentor from Kenya I have ever met. Ms. Susan Muigai held my hand through it all. She was my guiding star when things appeared difficult, she became a sister and a mother too. She has always been there to listen and give advice. A month never goes by before we meet each other.

When I look back six years down the line, the Global Give Back Circle has changed my life, my family, and the society in general. It’s in the ‘Circle’ that I was shown so much love, taught how to give back to the society in time, talent, and treasure. I started a charity program called, ‘Give Back Mentorship Program’ through which I give back to the society; my give back commitment involves mentoring young students in schools, helping the aged, orphans and the disabled.

I graduated in December 2017 from The University of Nairobi with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing. I have transformed from an at-risk girl to a nurse who will save lives, alleviate suffering, and be a voice for the weak.

The program has taken me through workforce readiness workshops, and I am now a ready to take on the world. I have been given wings to fly far and wide, since there are no more ceilings for me. I will give back to the society, by all means possible, as long as I live.

I thank God for the Global Give Back Circle.