Rosemary’s Mentoring Story

My mentoring journey with Global Give Back Circle, started in March 2014, when I came across the Global Give Back Circle online and quickly put in my application for consideration. A month later in April 2014, I was matched with Sylvia, who was then a third-year student at Karatina University College, pursuing Tourism and Tour Operation Management. Sylvia and I quickly got in touch with each other and determined the best mode of communication. Since we were living in different towns, technology allowed us to stay in touch constantly. I got to know more about her and her family and most of all, her dreams and desires for her life after graduation. I was immediately struck by her focus and determination to succeed despite all odds – her journey through school had been one of difficulty but which was courageously surmounted by her resilience. She was not going to let anything stand in her way. I also understood her immense appreciation for the Global Give Back Circle and the role the Circle had played. She came from a dark place where she at times would sneak back into school to take her exams as she had been out of school for lack of fees, to a brighter place when the Circle came into her life and assisted her.

Just from reading her story I was moved and inspired by this young lady who had studied at home, followed up her friends for notes and revision papers and passed her exams every time. A selfless young lady who had made a give back promise to assist other young girls. An enterprising young lady who made shaggy mats to supplement her finances and support her mother and siblings. (She does not know it but she gave my 11-year-old son and I a great idea for his art and craft project. He made a shaggy mat!) I wondered what I could possibly teach her! I learnt that this was a symbiotic relationship – we could learn from each other. We built a great rapport and could talk about anything. I would find myself researching on areas that I was not fully conversant with. I was learning what it is like to be a young lady living and studying in Kenya today.

We finally met at the Educate ‘HER’ Parade in 2015. It was a celebratory mood not just because of the parade but because it was our first face to face meeting. I met some of Sylvia’s friends and at the end of the event, gave them a ride to town. I was in awe of these young ladies – their confidence, their smiles, how they support each other and the great bonds they have built by being in the Global Give Back Circle program. It was an affirmation that I had made a good decision to join the Circle. The positive impact of the program in these young ladies lives is clear. Mentoring Sylvia inspired me to start a conversation about creating formal work experience programs within work places. I am looking forward to establishing such a program soon. Sylvia graduated from university and also graduated from a mentee to a coachee as she begins the next phase of her life. Our journey continues. I have been matched with a new mentee and two other young ladies who have completed their stint with the Global Give Back Circle – coachees. I am deeply blessed and fulfilled by this mentoring journey.

– Rosemary Ngure

Rosemary is a Corporate and Compliance Manager at Catalyst Principal Partners in Kenya.