Story about Sangeeta

When I was younger, I was not very good at communicating with others. I was shy and scared of what people would say about me. Their opinion of me meant so much. I lacked someone to share this with. Someone to guide me on how to overcome my insecurities.

I am Sangeeta Nayak. I’m 22 years old. I was born and brought up in Noida (U.P). I completed my class 10th from Lord Mahavira school and completed my class 12th from Modern school. Now I am pursuing an interior design degree from Amity University, in Noida. I have been fortunate to also complete internships in different companies during my summer breaks. This summer, I joined Scape design Consultants pvt. Ltd, a top architecture and interior design consulting firm in Noida. This has given me immense exposure to the industry and fed into my passion of becoming an interior designer

Through the Global Give Back Circle I have been able to go through my college program with no worries of lacking school fees. I have also learnt to utilize my skills in giving back. Education is important to me. I feel that through education, everyone will have an equal chance at making the world a better place. I am currently tutoring four pupils in my locality, who have been finding it a challenge to perform in class, as part of my Give Back Commitment. Through various workshops with the Global Give back Circle, I have learnt to maximize my time to achieve the highest impact. I have also found that it is helpful to choose a give back commitment that one enjoys. I enjoy teaching and interacting with children. They make living a little less serious with their joy and laughter. I have found myself also learning from them in creativity and compassion.
My journey as a beneficiary of the Global Give Back Circle, allowed me to meet my mentor, Chaitrali Limaye, who works at Microsoft in the US. She has been a great guide for me and a source of inspiration. She is the support system I needed to believe in myself and to be confident enough to speak my mind and not to worry of other people’s opinion of me. I have come to feel free to share just about anything with her because she has shown me I can trust her. It feels great to have a more experienced and accomplished woman as a friend. She is a constant reminder that I too, can get to where I want to be.
I am a stronger woman today, because of my journey as a member of the Global Give Back Circle. I am able to overcome many challenges in my life and I have a great mentor who is always there for me. I am about to complete my college degree. I would like to urge women to provide a support system for young girls like me. I am proof that mentorship changes perspective from a non-achievement and passive attitude to a more Proactive attitude. I have big dreams that I now believe I can achieve from my experience as a beneficiary of the Global Give Back Circle.