Yvette’s Story

My name is Yvette, I am from the country of a thousand hills, Rwanda. I am a second born in a family of six children. I am a graduate of Gashora Girls’ Academy of Science and Technology, where I took Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as my majors. When I first joined the Global Give Back Circle – Girls Guiding Government Program, during our first workshop, we wrote on the first page of our journals, “My Leadership Safari”, and vowed to take part in the development of women’s involvement in all aspects of leadership. That is when I realized that this would be an experience of a lifetime.

Later, I was matched with the most interesting, and inspiring mentor I have ever had; Mrs. Kathy. Mrs. Kathy has been very understanding, and supportive. She has inspired me. She listens to my ups and my downs, my struggles in academics, and always gives me the most motivating speeches. I always feel like Mrs. Kathy is more of a mother, an advisor, and most importantly, an inspiration to me. It gives me the zeal to work very hard and make her proud of me. I was voted to be the Global Give Back Circle – Girls Guiding Government Rwandan Team Leader. I use the leadership skills I gained in the program, to fulfill my duties and responsibilities to my best.

Since we were encouraged to give back to our community, I decided to make this a part of my life. I volunteer to teach tech-skills to primary schools around our community, since it was the biggest skill we lacked, yet the most essential one. We teach computer skills to over 100 students in the Gashora community. I also volunteered to take part in activities that were carried out during the national commemoration week. Such activities included, construction of houses for Genocide survivors, participating in the Walk to Remember, working with organizations that are responsible of taking care of Genocide survivors with mental disabilities, to mention but a few. I also committed to use the first salary that I will get in my gap year, to pay for insurance for five families in my community.

I want to major in Computer Engineering next year. I want to come back to Rwanda after my studies, and contribute to the development of my own country in areas of technology. Thanks to the Global Give Back Circle and my mentor, I have such a bright dream to achieve.

– Yvette