HER Commitment to Change!

8 Empowered Beneficiaries Uplift Their Community Through Their Give Back Commitment

Shirleen Kasmeri and her team of seven beneficiaries have grown up in the midst of cholera epidemics, hunger, and harmful cultural practices; such as FGM and early marriage. Rather than be discouraged, these girls are motivated and determined to change their community.

Morpus, a remote, dry village located in West Pokot County Kenya, is the home of the Global Give Back Circle’s HER Lab. The community in Morpus is comprised mainly of farmers. The environment, apart from being semi-arid, is highly littered due to improper disposal of waste. Over the past several years, the West Pokot region has been threatened with epidemics of cholera infections due to poor sanitation. The county government of West Pokot has been actively implementing policies to improve the sanitation of the region, and girls from Global Give Back Circle are helping advance the government’s mission.

This team of seven beneficiaries on recognizing the desperate need for proper waste methods, have dedicated themselves to changing the environmental sustainability and waste management in Morpus

Shirleen and her team have made it their duty to educate the community – holding frequent community meetings to discuss waste disposal strategies. The community now emphasizes reusing and recycling as common practice to minimize excess waste: recycling household water to irrigate their farms and using readily available sacks to plant kale in small scale gardens. Through constant litter collection, to rid the center of plastics and inorganic waste, they have influenced the community to dispose of their waste correctly.

Apart from having a visibly cleaner Morpus center, the team has seen incredible results from educating the community on efficient farming practices.  The team uses online resources and smartphone applications to teach the community pest-control, irrigation, and other sustainable methods. Innovative farming techniques have increased food production and decreased deficits due to dry seasons. The community recently took the initiative to dig up a pit latrine at the center for communal use. Now, women are able to set up the small-scale sack garden in the town center to sell their homestead vegetables.

Shirleen and her team are making big changes in their community. For the past four months, they have witnessed the successful implementation of their Give Back Commitment and cannot wait to share their results at the next Annual Renewal Ceremony. Join Shirleen and the Global Give Back Circle in our efforts to shift power to empowered young women who are instrumental in effecting positive change in their communities. Mentor HER, Educate HER or Support HER today.