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1,400 at-risk girls no longer! The Global Give Back Circle integrates Mentoring, Private Sector Engagement and Government and Local Community Support in a “Circle of Empowerment” that guides an at-risk girl to complete her educational journey, gain employable skills, transition into the workplace and embrace the joys of Citizenship through Giving Back.

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private sector partners

21 private sector partners are offering girls mentors, internships, scholarships and jobs.



1,000 mentors from 29 countries with a goal of 1,200 mentors in 6 months.



Kenya, India, China, South Africa and Rwanda


Have you ever thought about giving back some of your time and talent to mentor a girl, even if she might live oceans away?  Have you been looking for a mentoring program that will guide you on the ‘how’ of mentoring and help you make a real difference in the world? If so, join us and see how mentoring will change your life too!


62 million girls around the world are not in school.  The Global Give Back Circle provides scholarships to at-risk girls in Kenya, India, China, South Africa and Rwanda, for high school, vocational training and college.  If you have been looking for a personal way to make a difference, please consider the gift of education for a girl.


Support for girls in the Global Give Back Circle comes in many forms.  For some, it is mentoring and for some it is scholarships.  But, there are others who give back in skills and talents such as technical support, programming support and fundraising support.

You can make a difference!

Do you have time and talent to offer? We need passionate women to spread awareness, become mentors, host events and help us raise resources to educate at-risk girls in developing countries.

We believe women everywhere want to give back. The Global Give Back Circle provides a platform for doing that. We believe women, from Wall Street to Main Street, have special skills, talent and wisdom to offer as mentors.

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