How An Alumna Economically Empowers Locals In Baringo County

We love to see our alumni thriving in life and giving back. Sylvia Mwangi, a beneficiary who graduated high school from Starehe Girls’ Centre in 2011, is doing just that. Sylvia was a student leader during her high school years, then continued on to study Industrial Engineering at the University of Toronto. With help from her mentor Becky Rumor, she grew as an intelligent and innovative woman with a heart for giving back.
Currently, Sylvia helps Baringo County farmers adopt modern honey production methods. She uses her skills and networks to create a better market for them to help improve the living standards in their community. She aims to establish better sales channels for the honey that locals produce. Sylvia realized the importance of educating these farmers about the larger market, the actual value of their goods, and the best methods to optimize their profits. Let’s all cheer on Sylvia as she empowers the mothers and young people of Baringo County.