Strategizing to Achieve BIG!

“I have always dreamt of becoming an engineer. Engineering is a course most people think ladies cannot manage. I would like to prove them wrong.”

We spoke earlier to the Global give back circle mentee Agnes about what she had planned for the New Year. For her, 2019 is the year to achieve BIG! Being a fourth-year student undergoing a Bachelor’s degree program in Geospatial engineering is already a dream come true for Agnes. Agnes narrates how she admired learned women and prayed that one day she would get an opportunity to reach the highest level of educational attainment. She emphasizes that she doesn’t take her progress for granted.

Agnes hails from a humble background of a rural village called Nyamarambe, in Kisii County. She is the fifth born of six siblings. Her parents who work as farmers were barely able to educate her with their low income. She has worked hard all her life, and because of her good grades, she acquired a scholarship at Starehe Girls’ Centre, where she went through high school under full sponsorship. She later qualified for a university scholarship through the Global Give Back Circle after her high school graduation.

Every start of a new year, Agnes sits down and draws up ambitious goals she would like to achieve. 2019 is no different. Academically, she has made plans to maintain good grades in order to be successful in starting her career. From timetabling and syndicates to tackle all her course units for this semester, she is all set to get the best grades for her final year in University. Working at Tullow oil Kenya, for any amount of time she says, has always been a major dream of hers. That is why, months before she is due to go for her industrial attachment, she has started working on her resume and cover letters. She feels that applying early gives her a better chance of getting an internship.

Agnes and Miriam during GGBC Annual Renewal Ceremony

Since joining the university, Agnes has always wanted to join the Student Union. She has felt that given the chance, she could bring much needed positive change for her fellow students by representing their needs in the student congress. Which is why she jumped at the first opportunity to campaign and share how she plans to represent her fellow student needs in the University Senate. Agnes garnered the highest votes for Congress Lady in a fair election early February at the Technical University of Kenya. She has big plans for her school and is looking forward to effecting change in her learning environment.

For Agnes, Giving Back is an intrinsic value that she has cultivated over the years. She is grateful to be part of the Global Give Back Circle and to have discovered the fulfilment that comes with lifting her society. Agnes is able to impact the lives of young girls through her Give Back Commitment, as well as, interact with different people from different communities. Giving has enabled Agnes to grow in creativity and to find joy in living. She stresses that her mentor, Juliette Murugu, has been her biggest inspiration. Juliette has always taught Agnes to go for what she wants and to believe in herself. Agnes believes that there is much she can do to change her society through leadership skills, empowerment and mentorship she is already receiving.

Agnes is an inspiration to not only her peers but to her community at large. She has mastered the art of multitasking through proper goal-setting skills and guidance from her mentor. Agnes is just getting started. Invest in a girl’s future. Global Give Back Circle Our Favorite Kenyan Recipes 2020

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