United at Last: A Mentee Meets Her Mentor After 8 Years of Writing Letters

On June 23, 2018, Global Give Back Circle mentor, Naomi Lanoi, met her mentee Faustina Christine Wangari for the very first time ever. After eight years of exchanging letters, they were thrilled to finally meet in person.

When Christine’s lovely mentor, Naomi, came into her life, she was a young adolescent high school girl from an at-risk background, with a limited perspective on her potential in the world. In 2010, Naomi joined Christine on her journey with the Global Give Back Circle to become an empowered young woman with endless possibilities.

Christine attended St. Martin’s Girls Secondary School in Kibagare, Kenya, and graduated in 2012, where she then proceeded to college at Kenya Institute of Management (KIM). Christine says, “I thank God for Global Give Back Circle for educating me at KIM having received a diploma in Business Management- Human Resource.” Christine attributes her success at college to Naomi’s love and support, and to the helpful workshops given by the Global Give Back Circle. In 2016, she graduated from college with Naomi still by her side inspiring her every step of the way.

Naomi works for an NGO that fights for women’s rights and land rights. Christine has grown to cherish her and the relationship that they have. “I feel like she’s family,” Christine emphasizes. She goes on to say that Naomi is just the “best match” for her and that she is so friendly and loving. She admires Naomi’s unrelenting fight to secure justice and freedom for women, no matter what it takes.

Christine is currently at the College of Human Resource Management taking a professional course to become a Human Resource Expert. She’s also doing an internship at AMREF Flying Doctor’s as she gains experience to eventually work in a Human Resource Consultancy firm. She wants to get exposure in the HR field, since her big dream is to eventually open her own HR Consultancy firm. Naomi’s support, she says, has made her dreams seem achievable.

On Saturday, June 23rd, Naomi had the opportunity to meet Christine as the empowered young women that she helped her to become. We are so happy to have witnessed Naomi and Christine’s amazing journey together. A special thank you to all mentors, like Naomi, who have proven that educating and mentoring a girl can change not only her life, but the world as well.